Located in St. Louis, Missouri, Washington University Law prides themselves on their constant dedication in providing students with a quality legal education. Washington University Law has many aspects that set them apart from other Universities, including small class sizes and course activities in New York and Washington, D.C. In order to ensure that all potential students are aware of the advantages of attending Washington University Law, they sought out WSOL for support in creating an engaging mobile web presence.

The Results

Washington University Law was looking to expand their accessibility for prospective students. While doing so, they did not want to redevelop their desktop based website to accomplish their mobile initiatives but did want to utilize as much content from their desktop website as possible within the mobile channel. This business requirement led WSOL to design and develop a mobile web application separately from the desktop website.

This mobile web application provides users who access the site from a mobile device with an alternative view of similar content for Washington University Law. The mobile web app is fully controlled within the current Content Management System, creating efficiency on both digital channels for content editors. Creating a mobile web app for Washington University Law expanded their accessibility for prospective students looking for information on Washington University Law.