Research and Discovery 

Understanding the NMC corporate structure and the need to bring 9 separate websites under a logical unified umbrella was the key goal of a 2-day onsite Discovery session with key stakeholders and the WSOL Discovery team. An Information Architecture workshop helped lay the foundation of how the sites would be organized and Design workshops sought to bring together various visions into a central design theme.

UX and Design 

As one of the longest operating Caterpillar dealerships, NMC’s branding goals sought to tie each of the business units together as a group of heavy machinery companies that reflected Caterpillar’s tough, durable reputation. Several design concepts were presented, each incorporating NMC’s stock of powerful photographic imagery of their Caterpillar product line in action. The intent was to allow each of the 9 companies under NMC to retain a unique visual identity while still maintaining a shared corporate standard to tie them all together.

CMS and Third Party Systems 

Creating a flexible, easy to manage system for maintaining nine sites was a primary project goal. Using the recommended CMS platform, an Ektron multi-site architecture was developed to support each of the sites with a single CMS instance. In addition, various third party applications were integrated into the overall framework allowing several of the sites to tie directly into Caterpillar e-commerce systems.