Kollmorgen, with over 70 years of engineering expertise, has designed top-notch machinery with outstanding performance, reliability, and ease-of-use for a diverse portfolio of clientele. In order to expand their usability and keep clients in motion, Kollmorgen came to WSOL for a mobile component to support their current web presence.

The Results

WSOL, dedicated to providing Kollmorgen’s clients with mobile access to the website’s already established array of information without disrupting the desktop web experience, built a custom mobile web application using Kollmorgen's current Content Management System. This strategy prevented Kollmorgen from having to rebuild their entire site. Additionally, this gave Kollmorgen the ability to create content that was optimized for both their desktop and mobile sites without having to duplicate their efforts. Clients who access the site using a mobile device are now redirected to a mobile equivalent of the Kollmorgen desktop website. The custom mobile web application includes multi-lingual capabilities that are translated in the same manner as the desktop version. The new mobile web application was very successful in meeting Kollmorgen’s goals of mobile accessibility for their clientele.