Emergency Medicine Residents’ Association (EMRA), founded in 1974, is the largest independent resident organization in the world with nearly 12,000 members including residents, medical students and alumni. With the goal of serving all emergency medicine physicians-in-training EMRA sought out WSOL for mobile web presence support.

The Results

EMRA is dedicated to matching all members with residencies and fellowships across the country. In order to achieve this goal WSOL designed and developed a responsive mobile application, EMRA Match, with extensive search functions including program name, advanced location features, fellowship program details and much more. These advanced search functions made it possible for all members to search for the specific program based on their unique needs. Members are able to save the location and contact information within their user profile for easy accessibility at a later date. Due to the responsive web design that WSOL utilized, the mobile web application is not only accessible from mobile devices but also via desktop. This design enhanced the user experience and allowed all members to access the application from anywhere. The EMRA Match web application made it easier than ever before for EMRA to serve all members more effectively and efficiently in their residency and fellowship searches.