EisnerAmper provides accounting, consulting and tax services to a large spectrum of clients including financial institutions, start-ups, global public companies, high net worth individuals, and not-for-profit organizations. With offices in New York, New Jersey, Philidephia, California and the Cayman Islands, EisnerAmper employs nearly 1,200 employees making them one of the largest accounting firms in the nation. EisnerAmper sought out WSOL to build a mobile web component aligned with their current desktop website in order to serve their ever expanding and diverse clientele.

The Results

With more and more current and potential clients turning to the mobile web, EisnerAmper’s public website was not providing a useable experience for visitors utilizing mobile devices. The website was only optimized for traditional desktop browsing and excluding a growing number of site visitors from accessing vital site content. While not in a position for a full site rebuild, EisnerAmper needed a separate mobile web presence that shared content with the existing site and would fill the gap between desktop and mobile users.

With EisnerAmper’s challenges in mind, WSOL designed and developed a mobile website application using their current Content Management System, Ektron, and taking visual design cues from the existing desktop site. Creating the mobile site in Ektron provided EisnerAmper with the ability to share content between the desktop and mobile sites seamlessly without having to re-author content for mobile-only viewing. The desktop website was updated to detect all classes of mobile devices and direct users to the appropriate mobile enabled template automatically. The new mobile web application was a great success for meeting EisnerAmper’s challenges with mobile accessibility for all clientele.