The Dynapar brand is the name to remember for light duty, industrial duty and high performance absolute rotary encoders and incremental encoders. However, the brand displayed on the outdated website was not conveying importance or longstanding history of Dynapar nor did it give customers access to adequate viewing or purchasing from the broad product line. To meet these challenges and create an entirely new web presence, WSOL teamed with Dynapar and their existing advertising agency to deliver a robust new site with features and functionality unmatched in the industry. This e-commerce enabled site allows site users to easily configure highly complex components with dozens of possible configurations.

The Results

Front-End Development – Initial site designs were provided by Dynapar’s existing advertising agency. Our UX team took these concepts and advised on potential issues aligning CMS functionality with design decisions. The result was a beautifully designed site that met all of Dynapar’s requirements.

Back-End Development and CMS Implementation – At the heart of the site is robust custom product configurator built upon Ektron’s e-commerce module. Our developers extended core CMS functionality and built an easy-to-use and easy-to-administer product configurator that gives customers the ability to build and purchase components in real time.

Hosting – Dynapar chose WSOL to meet its hosting needs.