Behringer Securities is a financial services company who underwent a rebranding as Provasi Capital Partners. Their goal is to provide financial advisors and investors with access to selected managers and strategies to build better portfolios, sharing market insights, education, and business development solutions with their clients.

As a long-time Ektron customer, Behringer was looking to migrate to Episerver and launch an independent website that reflected a new brand identity and the unique needs of the financial advisor audience in an aggressive 90 day timeframe. The site needed to natively support responsive design, provide social integration, simplify the online experience while integrating multiple microsites, and maintain a seamless experience while meeting compliance and legal standards in a highly regulated industry.

Screenshots of Provasi Capital website

What We Did

  • Developed and launched a new brand and related website within a matter of months.
  • Migrated from Ektron to Episerver.
  • Created a flexible system which would be able to adapt as business strategies evolve, while supporting a variety of trackable media types (videos, document downloads, etc.).
  • Developed a streamlined user experience and standardized front end framework.
  • Implemented a card-based responsive design.
  • Created An Ajax-driven document auditing functionality providing real-time document viewing, versioning, and auditing.
  • Built a lead duplication prevention system.


  • A seamless, fast-track Ektron-to-Episerver conversion that resulted in a scalable website with multiple integrations that was able to launch an enterprise site of scale within a 60 day window.
  • Content is now presented from the end user point of view, and relevant content is grouped together and presented in a way that provides the most value for the site’s users.
  • The new website provides its audience with simple and engaging content in a mobile-friendly format, making the most important and relevant content easily available from the landing page.
  • All microsite content is seamlessly integrated within the site, as is thought leadership and social content (LinkedIn, Twitter, blog), making everything accessible from a single website.
  • The new website saw a 77% increase in user sessions, a 112% increase in pageviews, a 103% increase in average session duration, and a 11% decrease in bounce rate within the first 30 days after launch.