Real-Time Personalization with the HubSpot-EPiServer Connector

Real-Time Content Personalization

By extending EPiServer’s innovative personalization manager, the HubSpot-EPiServer connector allows you to leverage the detailed analytics, intelligence, and lead management provided by HubSpot to deliver website content specifically tailored to move prospects through the marketing funnel and turn them into satisfied clients.

With a simple, one-click installation, you can merge the inbound marketing intelligence of HubSpot into the premium content management experience of EPiServer to create a unified content marketing powerhouse. The HubSpot-EPiServer Connector will allow you to:

  • Customize and personalize CMS content specifically for your HubSpot contacts
  • Add HubSpot web-to-lead forms directly into EPiServer content using easy drag and drop functionality
  • Create unique visitor experiences based on previous history and current lead status
  • Control HubSpot-powered forms without having to access the CMS
  • Connect HubSpot email campaigns to website content for first time website visitors
  • Create more granular and targeted content experiences than is possible with EPiServer alone
  • Build a robust holistic marketing solution to drive new business

Let’s take a look at an example.

What new visitors see:

When a visitor comes to your site for the first time, they will see “default content,” such as a statement of your company’s purpose, an image that represents your products, or an engaging piece of content that could apply to any visitor viewing your site. Until they have become recognized by you (after downloading a piece of content, filling out a form, etc), they will keep seeing the default content.

What prospects see:

To help educate your prospects, you offered a webinar that many people registered for, an action which now allows you to personalize content for them. The next time they visit the site, the HubSpot-EPiServer connector will recognize they have registered for and attended the webinar, and it can display a personalized content block offering them the slides to download.

Create Highly Targeted Content

This is just one example of the many possible customization options that the HubSpot-EPiServer connector offers. By using the intelligence that HubSpot gathers about your site visitors, you can automatically offer them content that speaks directly to their needs, helping them move through the sales funnel and greatly increasing your conversion rate.

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