Maintaining an up-to-date web presence that satisfies the evolving needs of your audience and site administrators is the ongoing struggle for every organization. Through our partnership model we commit to helping you plan and execute on a forward thinking digital strategy, while helping you deliver and measure outcomes through continual website improvements. WSOL’s monthly strategic retainer allows you to reserve a dedicated team that will extend your internal capabilities, provide expert problem solving abilities, and relieve you of the burden of delivering an ongoing effective digital presence. Your account manager will consult with you regularly to discuss short-term and long-term goals, review key performance indicators, and provide advice and guidance on plotting out incremental improvements to your website in order to grow your business, strengthen your brand, and engage your audiences

Our Approach

  • A Dedicated Team - Starting with your account manager, a dedicated team is assembled specifically for you based on your technical and strategic needs as well as the pace of progress you wish to make. 
  • Long-term Strategic PlanningStarting months or even years before the need for a significant digital investment arises, our team can offer you the agility of continued improvement while at the same time mitigating the risks that cause decreasing return on investment over time from your digital properties. We'll help you plan and implement your digital roadmap for ongoing growth and success.
  • Trusted RelationshipA collaborative partnership creates a sense of accountability and ownership by all parties in the relationship. As such, your account team will understand how your business works from the inside out and will be able to offer the guidance and service that will produce the highest return on investment.

Benefits for You

  • Higher quality of work - As a collaborative team, we share a common goal - stellar work that achieves great results.  The account team's immersion and ongoing focus on your business will inspire creative thinking and knowledgeable approaches to producing the best end product.
  • Faster turnaroundA retainer that is correctly staffed will enable us to dedicate the appropriate assets to any given project well ahead of the deadline.  With a good retainer and a dedicated account team, we can put the right people in the right place at the right time, so when you need something on short notice, we'll have the pieces in place to deliver excellence under pressure.
  • Predictable expense - One-time projects and on-demand reactive support usually mean spending spikes, cost overruns and an unmanageable budget.  A results-focused strategic retainer allows us to determine the appropriate level of investment needed to achieve your goals over an extended period of time.  That means you have the comfort and reassurance of a steady, consistent monthly spend that produces the results you need.
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