Data Center Specifications

WSOL partners with Latisys, a leading provider of data center colocation located within 30 minutes of Chicago in suburban Oak Brook. This state-of-the-art Tier III facility has been specifically designed for the business continuity of your mission-critical operations - offering the power, cooling, and backbone network required for Enterprise hosting.

Facility Specifications  

  • 99,000 sq. ft. 
  • 17 ft. mezzanine-to-ceiling height 
  • 12 in. thick-steel reinforced, high-pressure concrete walls 
  • Slab-on-grade or pressurized raised floor options 
  • Building standards meet NEBS Level 3-compliance 
  • Fully complies with Tier III design specification standards as outlined by The Uptime Institute 
  • Secure exterior faux spandrel window system 
  • Roof is a fully adhered single-ply 60mil EPDM rubber membrane system with isocyanurate insulation 

Building Access and Security 

  • 24x7 building access 
  • 24x7 on-site security and NOC staff 
  • Alarm system with camera surveillance covering the entire perimeter of the building, throughout the data center area and all entrances and exits 
  • Secure entrances include mantraps, biometrics, key card access and multi-factor authentication 
  • Private parking area 
  • Secure loading dock  

Electrical Power Infrastructure  

  • Power room is a fully independent Electrical Distribution Matrix with dual ComEd source support 
  • On-Site diesel fuel-based power generation 
  • Diverse power rack PDU distribution in 120/208, NEMA or IEC receptacles 
  • Multiple power lineups with high-density deployments available 
  • Redundant power infrastructure on all system levels 
  • Power backup systems include redundant Power Distribution Units (A+B) and UPS  

Electrical Power Generators 

  • Two 1.25 MW and four 2.25 MW generators 
  • 48-hour on-site fuel capacity per generator 
  • Multiple re-fueling vendors  

Facility HVAC  

  • Twenty 135-ton custom Trane rooftop units 
  • Over 1000 cfm for each supply and return 
  • Multiple thermal layers and real-time electronic adjustment of cooling needs for each individual cage or cabinet space 
  • Additional overhead cooling is available for high-density environments in raised floor areas 
  • Multiple CRAC units provide cooling for electrical rooms and private micro-suite data centers  

Fire Protection  

  • Pre-action multi-zoned VESDA smoke detection system monitoring all areas of data center 
  • Two-stage dry pipe suppression system with localized distribution  

Network Connectivity  

  • Multiple fiber route entrances to building 
  • Multiple carrier options available 
  • Blended Bandwidth Mix: AboveNet, Level3, XO 
  • Additional On-Net Carriers: AT&T, Cogent, Comcast, Verizon 
  • Indirect Access to Carrier Hub 

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