As one of the top ranked Caterpillar dealers in the world, Empire Southwest’s objectives were not only to drive business through the website but also to use it as a vehicle to help change the perception of their brand. Although widely known for the distribution and maintenance of ruggedly durable precision machinery, not as many people were aware of their innovations in other areas, such as power systems and renewable energy. WSOL teamed up with Empire Southwest to overhaul their existing website with a focus on strengthening the brand and building a more flexible foundation. In addition, websites for Empire’s other business units (Empire Truck and Trailer, Empire Agriculture) were redeveloped and brought under the updated Empire branding.

The Results

Research and Discovery – An onsite Discovery meeting was utilized to help crystalize thoughts surrounding the identity of the target audience and what message should be conveyed to them.

Interaction Design - In order to help drive business, prominent call to actions were set up, directing the primary target audience (independent owner/operators and general contractors) toward the buying, renting, and servicing of equipment.

Interface Design – As the leading Caterpillar dealer, a design that reflected Caterpillar’s reputation for tough, durable heavy machinery was a natural fit. The design team created an impression that clearly tied Empire to Caterpillar while retaining an independence and identity of its own.

Front-End Development – In addition to intuitive navigation and information architecture, a custom geo-map was built which integrates with the CMS to plot out the Empire Southwest distribution territory and the different services available at each location.

Back-End Development and CMS Implementation – The Ektron CMS platform was utilized to provide the overall framework for the site. Our development team utilized the innovative WSOL SuperTemplate, which provides the most flexible and robust template solution for Ektron-driven sites.

Visit their site today at: http://www.empire-cat.com.