Digital Project Manager

We're on the lookout for a technically-savvy, hyper-attentive PM eager to grab the helm on a handful of projects for our ongoing retainer clients. As the ideal candidate, you are borderline obsessive-compulsive about project coordination: managing feature requests, tracking tasks, and aligning sprints. You have accumulated a toolbox of tricks that help you set teams up to ship better work faster. 

As a seasoned PM, your expertise isn't just theoretical—you've got applied knowledge, gained through years of accumulated experience that makes you well-suited to lead projects from beginning to end. You've paid your dues in the early stages of your career, and you've survived the trials and tribulations of dealing with technically complex projects and high maintenance clients 

A great fit would be someone who does best when given autonomy in their day to day, but who isn't shy about asking for help when neededYou'll thrive in this role if you have a natural knack for working with others. Your client and team interactions serve as a model for others You have moved beyond just being an expert coordinator, and are (or are on the path to becoming) an expert facilitator  

If you love the fast-paced world of digital project management, and consider yourself a burgeoning thought leader, please apply. We're not just looking for anyone who's technical, organized and people-focused—we are searching for somebody who wants to make an impact, and whose contributions will help steer our clients strategically. 

Here's what we'll expect from our ideal Digital Project Manager:

  • Can communicate clearly using the appropriate amount of information. 

  • Can lead “kick-ass” kick-off meetings, and lead workshops to gather and prioritize requirements, goals and objectives. 

  • Will be able to confidently and accurately walk through the full range of services we offer, acting as an ambassador for WSOL workflow and processes 

  • Brings a fundamental understanding of the Software Development Life Cycle, Agile vs. Waterfall, Continual Deployment, Sprint Cycles, Lean methodologies, and is able to communicate to clients how our processes align with them 

  • Manage and maintain client roadmaps 

  • Keeps sprints lined up and running smoothly 

  • Is competent at gathering and documenting functional and business requirements 

  • Demonstrates Jedi-like personal communication skills, responding in a cool and diplomatic manner even when conflicts arise 

  • Has gained insights from peers within the web design industry, familiarity with other agency processes, and is motivated to share and contribute lessons-learned with the Digital PM community 

  • Is an active influencer of our evolving workflows and processes 

  • Demonstrates self-sufficiency in the ability to run projects and manage team/stakeholder expectations


WSOL is a digital agency located just west of Chicago. We focus on helping organizations of all sizes take advantage of the awesome potential of the Web. Our design and development teams are comprised of thought leaders, subject matter experts and creative thinkers. We're looking for a few more people to help us in our mission of driving the web forward, by building the smartest and best performing web experiences we can for each of our client partners.


We build responsive websites, intranets, and mobile/web applications for a diverse base of clients including universities, hospitals, manufacturers, medium sized businesses, and name it. We’re proponents of device agnostic design, so we worry about making the stuff we build work across browsers, devices and platforms.

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