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the week of07.21.14

5 Things to Consider When Developing an eCommerce Website

Website development is complicated, especially for eCommerce sites. Here are five aspects of an eCommerce website that developers need to remember.

Dedicated Hosting vs. Virtual Private Hosting

When it comes to hosting a website, the options can be overwhelming. We discuss a fundamental choice: whether to use Dedicated or Virtual Hosting.

the week of07.14.14

Partnering with WSOL

At WSOL, we're not a bunch of loners. Learn about the different partnerships we've formed in order to provide the best services for our clients.

Finding New Content Ideas: Where Does All That Content Come From?

If you're struggling to come up with content for your website or blog, follow these tips to gain inspiration and revitalize your content strategy.

Wary of a Full Site Redesign? Try Strategic Iterative Improvements

If you're not quite ready to invest the time and money in redesigning your entire site, consider this alternate approach.

What’s the Difference Between Ektron Search and Google Search?

When setting up site search on an Ektron site, you've got two options: Ektron search and Google search. We look at the pros and cons of each.

the week of07.07.14

Envisioning the Future of Online Healthcare Tools

The number and variety of healthcare tools and apps available online is constantly increasing. How can designers work to make these tools better?

4 Ways to Create Titles That Rock

Learn how to craft the title of a blog or article to not only let people know what to expect, but also grab people's attention and make sharing easy.

Pros and Cons: 3 Types of Remote Access Methods

Join us as we examine three methods of securely accessing a company network from a remote location, weighing the pros and cons of each.

the week of06.30.14

Goal Setting: Inbound Marketing Style

Every marketing campaign starts with goal setting, but make sure to set SMART goals with these 5 key elements.

With SEO, You Need to Crawl Before You Can Run

Learn why you need to fix any fundamental SEO issues on your site before implementing an SEO strategy.

One Size Doesn’t Fit All: Using Responsive Design Responsibly

Is Responsive Design always the best solution for mobile websites? We look at how it should and shouldn't be used.

How WSOL Uses Package Management to Improve the Development Process

Learn how WSOL manages common code modules through our Core Library to keep all our developers on the same page.

the week of06.23.14

Another Google Page? What Is Google My Business, and How Do I Use it?

Learn how the new Google My Business page allows you to manage your company's information in Google.

8 Must-Have WordPress Plugins, Plus a Bonus WordPress Tip!

There are thousands of WordPress plugins available for customizing your site; these are some of the essentials. Plus: a bonus configuration tip!

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